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Thursday, 16 June 2011

How to change SAP parameters ?

This article answers following query :
How to change or set a SAP parameter

SAP parameter can be set using RZ10 transaction. Go to RZ10, select the respective instance profile of the application server on which you would like to change the parameter.
From the dropdown of profile, select the instance profile (of the application server) on which you would like to change the parameter.

After selecting the profile, select extended maintenance button and press change push button.

It displays a screen with all the parameters as shown below :

You can  either search the parameter or create the parameter and then set the value to the desired and save the same as below.

Set the parameter value in the text box provided and click copy button to copy the same and then press back button and press copy again in the next screen. After that press the back arrow to come to the following screen

Click on Save button to save and activate the profile.

Press no to goto the next screen

Press yes, to activate the profile.

The parameter will take effect after restart of the application server


  1. hi....
    nice doc...
    can u please explain the difference between RZ10 and RZ11.

  2. Hi..Through Rz11, we can view the sap parameters default value, current value and profile parameter value. Default value means the value obtained after system setup. profile parameter value is the value present in RZ10 profiles. Current value means that value that is set for a parameter through Rz11 tcode(i.e. value set for a parameter dynamically).

    Through Rz11, we can set value for a some selected parameters and those values will be lost after restart of the application server and system again starts with values in profile.

    Through Rz10 transaction, we can set permenent values to a parameter, whose values take effect only after restart of the application server as after restart profile file parameters will be read by server.

    To summarize, through Rz11 we can set values for dynamic parameters for temporary purpose and these values will be lost if application server is restarted. If you would like to change those values permenantly, we need to set through Rz10 and values take effect only after system restart.

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  6. hello DurgaPrasad

    I want to activate the SAP* user by changing parameter login/no_automatic_sapstar to 0
    when I use tcode rz10 could you please let me know where can we finf profile version

    1. Hi..When you have selected respective profile in RZ10, in the below box, the profile version will be visible.

    2. hi i will tel the rz10 and rz11..simple parameters are two types standard,and dynamic,rz10 mean create the parameter and rz11 is display the parameter,if u change the parameter rz10 and restart the servers..and rz11 is no need to restart the system..

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  13. This blog is excellent... many thanks to durga prasad sir...

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    Why we need do to restart after Changing parameter in a system?