Friday, 13 September 2019

SAP’s support backbone update

SAP’s support backbone update

SAP’s support backbone is the central infrastructure located at SAP to provide technical support to its customers. It consists of various systems to serve different purposes like SAP early watch alert report generations, maintenance planner etc.

On the customer side, SAP solution manager connects to the SAP support backbone to exchange data for various purposes like support incidents and other cases mentioned above.

This SAP support backbone infrastructure has been updated. The legacy infrastructure will remain in place to allow customers to safe transition to new infrastructure.

As a result of this change, From Jan 1st 2020, customers

  • Won’t be able to open incidents to SAP for any investigation
  • Can’t implement SAP notes
  • Wont’ have access to SAP services
  • Traditional SAPOSS and other RFC’s wont function (will be replaced by HTTP/HTTP(s) based RFCs 

Many solution manager functionalities like landscape management, license management, Test suite, IT service management, SAP Engagement and service delivery will get impacted due this change.  

So, SAP recommends all its customers to migrate to SAP’s new connectivity infrastructure to avoid above mentioned issues & to ensure continuous connectivity.

Based on SAP solution manager SP level, SAP has provided a checklist which needs to be followed so that customers can migrate to SAP’s new connectivity infrastructure.

Please refer below link for more details on this and follow the recommendations.

Please view below pdf file by SAP for detailed implementation steps for the same

SAP support backbone update