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Transport Error – Transport Control Program tp ended with error code 0247

This article answers the following queries:
  • How to resolve the transport error “Transport Control Program tp ended with error code 0247?
  • How to resolve the transport error – Errors: addtobuffer has problems with data- and/or cofile?
  •   How to resolve transport issue  encountered while adding a transport to import queue of target       system?
Sometimes, while you are adding a transport request into import queue of target system as shown below, you might encounter error as
 “Transport Control Program tp ended with error code 0247 "?
Errors: addtobuffer has problems with data- and/or cofile? (Please refer screenshot 3)

After pressing Yes in the above screen, you may encounter below error:

Most probable reasons for this issue could be, due to transport did not get released from the source system.
Please login to the source system of the transport and goto transaction SE01 and provide the transport number as shown below and click on display pushbutton to view the release status of the transport

In the below screen, please drill down the transport and check whether all the transports under this are released ( if there is tick mark after the transport, it means it was released).
If there is no tick mark on any of the  transports below the given transport number it means the transport is not yet released. In those cases, you can even view truck symbol in the active state.

In the above screenshot, all the underlying transports were released(as there is tick mark after those transports), but the main transport is not yet released as indicated my active status of the truck. In these cases, just keep the cursor on the main transport number and click on truck symbol to release the transport.
Please note that you can release the transport only if you have access to do the same. If basis administrator do not have access, he/she should approach the respective team and get this transport released as per the process mentioned above.

Please find below another scenario, in which 2 of the 3 child requests not released. In this case, each of the individual transport to be selected and released (by clicking truck button) and finally release the main transport.

Once the main transport is released, data file and  cofiles will be generated for that transport request in the source system. Then no longer, the error mentioned above will be encountered will adding the transport request to import queue of the target system as the request was released and data and cofiles were also generated under /usr/sap/trans/data and /usr/sap/trans/cofiles directories of the system.

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