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How to check transactional RFC(tRFC) related errors?

This article answers the following queries :

  • How to check transactional RFC (tRFC) related errors?
  • How to find out status of transactional RFCs(tRFC) in SAP?
  • What is the transaction used to perform transactional RFC checks?
  • How to re-process failed or stuck LUW related to transactional RFC?
  • How to delete a transactional RFC related LUW from sap system?
  • How to reprocess all the transactional RFCs or LUWs that are stuck in SAP system at a time?
Transactional RFC related checks and maintenance can be done using SM58 transaction code
Sometimes, in real time scenario you can face following issues :

  • Process chain related performance issues in BIW system due to transactional RFCs stuck in R3 system.
  • Idocs flow not happening from R/3 to XI system

In these scenarios, SM58 transaction code will be useful to find out stuck tRFCs and action them accordingly.
Please login into SAP system and use SM58 as shown below :

Using  SM58, we can select TRFCs based on

  •  Any  2 dates
  •  User id
  •  Function of TRFC
  •  TRFC Destination
  •  TRFC Status

If you would like to list all, then use * as input in these fields

In the following screen, you can see the list of TRFCs that are waiting to be processed or stuck tRFCs as shown below

We can delete or re-process these LUWs based on the scenario. This can be done by navigating to Edit menu as shown below

You can reprocess an tRFC  LUW, by selecting the same and  by navigating to Edit -> Execute LUW. This can also be done by  pressing F6 button.

An LUW can also be debugged by navigating to Edit -> Debug LUW option
In case large number of tRFCs are stuck, all of them can be processed at a time by selecting
Edit -> Execute LUWs option as shown in the above screen.

You can also directly goto QRFC administration and QOUT scheduler from  SM58 transaction  as shown in the below screen.

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  2. Thanks for a wonderful document. This is a good for workaround. Can you please assist in how can we find a permanent solution for this. Like we have been reported that this situation happens often in client and we are in need to go and reprocess each time which the client normally doesn't wants. How can we approach this. thanks in advance.

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