Wednesday, 13 July 2011

SAP Netweaver Interview questions with answers - set 4

This article provides the 10 most important SAP Basis interview questions covering SAP, Database and operating system areas. 

Have updated answers for some of the questions. For rest will update as soon as I write relevant article on the same.


1.  A user complaints to you that a background usually takes 3hrs to run but it is already 6hrs completed and still the job is running. How to analyse the issue ?

Answer :  Troubleshooting longrunning jobs 
                  Identifying long running jobs

2. Do you have experience in handling SCM system? If yes, how to you start or stop livecache in SCM or APO(Advanced Planning and optimiser) system ?

Answer:  Yes, I do have experience in handling SCM system. Livecache can be started or stopped using LC10 transaction code.

Related Link :    How to start or stop livecache in SCM or APO system?

3. If a java stack is down ? How do you troubleshoot ?

Answer:  Will update later

4. If in a java only system, administrator user id got locked, how do you resolve this issue ?


5. How to create a server node in Java based SAP system ?

Answer: Will update later

6. In system refresh activity, database restoration is done and sap system is up. Now, what are the poststeps system refresh steps that you perform ?

Answer: Will update later
7. How do you analyze an expensive SQL statement ? 

Answer : Please go through below related links

8. What do you know about Wily introscope agent ? What is the use of wily introscope ? What is the version of wily introscope that you have implemented ?

Answer: Wily introscope is a java monitoring agent that is  installed in a high available system like Solution manager and all other satellite systems that are to be monitored are connected or configured. So, using wily introscope end to end root cause analysis can be done. In cases of performance issue of java systems, troubleshooting can be better done using wily introscope as it provides so many details related to memory consumption, CPU usage, system availability, paging, Garbaga collection details etc.

Wily introscope is available in different versions like  7.1 ,  8.0 and latest one 9.1

9. What is the transaction to perform support pack upgrade in ABAP stack ?

Answer:  SPAM is the transaction code used to perform support pack upgrade in ABAP stack.

10. Your SAP systems are based on which operating system ? What is the version of operating system do you use? 

Answer: For example, You can reply based on the operating system you are using like AIX operating system with version 5.3

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