Friday, 15 November 2013

How to delete transactional RFCs ?

This article answers following queries:

  • How to delete transaction rfc’s in SAP?
  • Explain the process of deleting struck or old transactional rfcs in SAP
  • How to delete trfc’s in SAP?

Sometimes, you may face transactional rfc issues in SM58 (like connection error/SQL errors/Application error/System error etc). In those cases, you want to delete those problematic rfc entries. So, please proceed as follows for deleting those entries.

Login to SAP system ABAP stack and navigate to SM58 transaction as shown below. Select the display period and username as per your requirement and execute by clicking on highlighted icon below.

For example, there are 2 transactional rfc errors (similar to below screen) 

If you want to delete them permanently from the above list, you have to proceed as shown below.

Navigate to Log file -> Reorganize as shown below

It will result in below screen. 

Please provide the relevant dates/destination/username and select status as applicable to your scenario and execute the same by clicking on highlighted icon.

Based on the above criteria, whatever rfc’s that is matching will be deleted and a confirmation message similar to below will be displayed on the status bar.