1. Hello sir Sudhakar here a teacher is like some one who acts like a student and thinks,behaves like student to feed the knowledge iam around 28 in my whole career I never saw a teacher like u sir and coming on to professional level sir could u blog detail discussion about solution manager and java trabspot packages thank u Sir keep the holy work go on.

  2. sir please explain about background job in sap basis

    1. Hi Sudhakar, please let me know What exactly you are expecting about background jobs:

      scheduling job?
      cancelling jobs?
      identifying long running jobs?

    2. Hi Durga prasad,

      I wold like to know how to troubleshoot the long running jobs and most importantly how to solve them. Please explain me in detail.

      thank you,

    3. Hi Bhushan,

      Please refer below link:

  3. Hi Durga prasad,
    i would like to know how to troubleshoot if we find SWAPS IN TCODE ST02.


  4. after installation i am not getting login through sap* and ddic..i have done all trouble shoot..given the command in sql cmd prompt for deleting row..after all that tried sap* with password 'pass'.but still unable to login..give me solution..

  5. I installed ides ecc6.0 ehp7. I logged in client 800 with user name - idadmin & password -ides, it worked fine. Next time i entered password wrongly many times. after that it shows error logon no longer possible due too many fail attempts.

    I want to reset the client800

    Help me solve issue

  6. Hello sir,

    This is Praveen here, I'm new to SAP BASIS. Kindly explain me how to check what are the modules installed in SAP R/3 and also check what is the EHP version

  7. Hi guru
    We have facing issue after client copy, in QAS system
    We can see al11 sap file system directory structure in client 000, but in client 100 it was not visible

    Transaction AL11 is not working properly in
    Only showing one entry for "DIR_SFTP", and not showing standard entries like DIR_TRANS, DIR_HOME,..

    Please advise

    Regards pranav

  8. Hello sir,

    As i am a fresher, let me know how to built a client-server architecture , requirements and how to install it ??

    Ex: i have a 10TB of client data on main server and i have to work on 500GB of data from that without disturbing the main server. So that i have to built small client-server architecture to work.... by using IBM DB2 on HP UNIX.??

    Please advice me.

    Thanks in advance,
    Sai Prasad.

  9. Hello Sir,
    pls I'd like to know how to create business partners catalog numbers for a purchase order

  10. Hello Durga Prasad Garu,
    Greetings..Have one question for you...
    Can ST01/ST05/ST12 trace run for just one user(SAPSUPPORT) or can it be run for more than one user at a time i.e SAPSUPPORT* (i.e SAPSUPPORT1,SAPSUPPORT2,SAPSUPPORT3 etc...)

    Thanks n Regards,

  11. Hi sir,
    I have some clarifications about landscape migration to cloud. Can you please explain what is the exact role for basis admin in landscape migration

    THanks n Regards

  12. Hi..Durga sir,
    Can you please share SAP HANA ADMINISTRATION SPS 12 notes on your blog.

  13. can you explain backups using brtools on differnt systems both online an doffline

  14. Great to see a specific blog for SAP BASIS notes, I am just interested in system,network and os administrations, I am contemplating to take up SAP career, I am a BTECH CSE fresher, I have attended a knowledge session in ATOS Hyderabad, They are optimistic for freshers but the course is a whooping 5lakhs, what do u suggest I do, any one of the SAP experts here please guide me.

  15. Hi Sir,

    Can I get some details about UC4 automatic job scheduler?
    I would like to learn the tool

  16. Hi Sir,

    One of the workflow relates issue forvendor invoice .Seems an be something related to LDAP issue. Because both approvers should be able to approve it. Invoice posting amounting to more than 50000USD hence requiring two approvers.One of the approve only able to approve the other could not do it.Kindly help me possible ways to check this issue.via MY approval

  17. Hello sir,
    I had a query that would you suggest a SAP basis fresher to go on for the SAP certification and please provide information for the same.

  18. Actually am trying for answer from many days.
    My question is why SAP has given two default users (sap*,ddic) ?
    Could you please tell me the responsibility of each user.
    And if sap* is doing something why don't ddic do that. If ddic is doing why don't sap* do that.
    I don't have an idea about how many blogs I have been searching for this questions , still am not satisfied.

  19. Dear sir
    I am having basic doubt, but not getting clarify from months.

    Here is my question
    Why SAP has given two default users (sap*,ddic)?
    If sap* do something why don't ddic do that, if ddic is doing why don't sap*?
    Could you please help me out sir, bcz I don't have an idea about how many blogs I have been visiting.

    1. ddic have right of data dictionary while sap* doesn't.

  20. Dear sir,
    how to resolve the issue"update delay, please wait"