Thursday, 16 July 2015

Good News .. New SAP Basis forum created for SAP Basis Queries

Hi My dear friends,

Thanks all for being loyal followers and supporting this blog for over 4 years due to which it crossed 25lakh page views in very short time.

Daily basis, I get lot of emails to requesting help on various queries. However, due to the volume of mails, am unable to respond to each and every mail.

So, I have created a new forum on the blog itself as a separate page. So, please feel free to register first time and start posting your queries on the blog forum itself. 

Our blog consists of almost 1000 very good experienced SAP Basis administrators as members. I would request them to help others by sharing valuable knowledge and providing necessary response to queries and exchange knowledge. I will also try to respond to most of the queries posted on the blog forum.

Please find below new forum link:

Earlier, I have created a free forum which is successful and consists of close to 1000 members. However, administration of this free forum is becoming tough due to various reasons (like spam, isolated i.e not integrated with blog etc).

So, old free forum will be deleted soon. Request all of you to migrate from old forum to new forum (

Thanks all once again,

Yours Truly,
Durga Prasad

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