Monday, 15 June 2015

How to identify whether an ABAP program has been modified recently?

This article answers following queries:

  • How to identify whether an ABAP program has been modified recently?
  • How to identify the date/time on which an ABAP program was modified?
  • How to identify version of an ABAP program?
  • Background is not running as expected?


Sometimes, there might be scenarios like a background job is not running as expected. Job owner / functional team may complain to Basis team that till last week it worked fine but only this week they are facing performance or any other issues like the job might be taking long time to complete, job might be getting terminated abruptly, job might be going to hung status etc.

One of the main reasons for these type of issues, could be due to recent change/modification done to the underlying ABAP program.

So, how to check if the underlying ABAP program has been changed/modified recently or not. If modified, when it was changed and through which transport? This can be checked as shown below:

Goto SE38 transaction code and provide the name of the ABAP program for which you need to check if there were any recent changes resulting in this issue.

For example, Iam checking the recent changes made to the ABAP program : RSRFCCHK

In SE38, after providing program name, navigate to Utilities -> Version -> Version Management (as shown below):

This will result in following screen, which lists you the list of versions of the respective ABAP program and the latest active status of the program and the date on which it was modified.

If you are encountering the job issues exactly from that program modification date/time, then we can suspect these issues are cropping out because of program change and necessary actions can be taken by the ABAP team to fix the performance issues that were noticed.

How to identify ABAP program for a given background job?

This article answers following queries:

How to identify ABAP program for a given background job?


Sometimes, it is required to know the underlying ABAP program name for a background job.
This can be identified as shown below:

Goto SM37 transaction code. It will result in below screen. Please input job name for which you would like to know the underlying ABAP program.

After selecting necessary job status, click on execute which results in below screen

Double click on the above job name to display job details as shown below

Click on step icon (highlighted) which shows the step list overview (as shown in below screen)

Highlighted item is the underlying program name/command.
Parameters is the variant for that program and User is the “user id” with which this job will be executed.

Note: Sometimes, we can view multiple programs as steps based on the Job definition done. In other words, a job can have multiple programs or commands as steps