Thursday, 8 March 2012

Deleting Transport Management System (TMS) Configuration

This article answers the following queries:

  • What is the need to delete TMS configuration?
  • How to delete “local” Transport Management System (TMS) Configuration from SAP system?
  • What is the Tcode used to delete TMS configuration?
  • How to resolve “Local TMS configuration is inconsistent” issue in SAP?

In some real time scenarios, it is required to delete TMS configuration from SAP system.
Scenarios could be like
i)   If a Transport Management System configuration is inconsistent/not done properly in SAP system. You would like to delete and re-configure

ii)  While performing system refresh activity, TMS configuration to be done as post refresh steps. For example source system SID is different from target system SID. So old configuration need to be deleted and new TMS configuration to be done in the name of new SAP system.

So, Basis consultant should be able to delete the existing TMS configuration. The process for the same is mentioned below.

Transaction code SE06 need to be used for deleting TMS configuration and the deletion should be done from 000 client using DDIC user id /any user id having SAP_ALL access.

If you are performing this activity, after a standard SAP installation, then option 1 to be selected. If you are performing this after Database copy (i.e. System refresh or database refresh) or database migration activity, then 2nd option in the above screen to be selected and “Perform Post-Installation Actions” push button to be pressed.
After this, system prompts below screen.

Click Yes. This results in below screen. Please input proper source system from which system refresh is being carried out here. Most of the times, SID gets populated automatically. However, please enter it manually in case it was wrongly populated or if it is blank.

System again prompts you as shown below. Here it prompts that can I change originals from source system id(QE1) to target system id (SE1) in  the below screen.

Click yes to proceed further.

Confirm the above screen

Please press Yes in the above screen.

Please press the Yes button to confirm deletion of TMS configuration.

Confirm this.

Confirm this to delete old versions of transport routes.

How to resolve “Local TMS configuration is inconsistent” issue in SAP?

If local TMS configuration is inconsistent,  then existing configuration to be deleted as mentioned in the above article and TMS to be re-configured.
Please note: In this article, have covered only deletion of local TMS configuration. Configuration of TMS will be covered in a separate article.
After this a message appears on the status bar as below. It means existing TMS configuration is deleted and you can proceed to reconfigure TMS

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Applying sap license

This article answers the following queries :
ü  How to apply SAP license in a SAP system?
ü  When to apply license for an SAP system?
ü  How to delete an existing license of an SAP system?
ü  What is the transaction code used to apply license in SAP?
ü  Explain the process of applying license in SAP?
ü  How to request an SAP license key?


In SAP environment, there will be a requirement to install a license to a new installed SAP system or to a system refreshed from another system. This is the primary step in the post refresh activities of an SAP system.
SAP license key can be requested from Service Market Place from the following link :
Please download license key for a SAP system and store in your local desktop.
Once the license files are downloaded from market place, login into 000 client using SAP* user into  ABAP stack of an SAP system on which you would like to apply license.
SLICENSE is the transaction code for applying license in SAP system.
Execute transaction SLICENSE, which results in a screen similar to below

To  list  old licenses existing in the system, click on “Old Licenses” tab in the above screen. It lists all the old licenses.

Select each license and delete license by navigating as shown in above screen
Repeat this step until all old licenses are deleted.
To install new license click on install button  shown in the below screen

It opens screen as shown below. Please navigate to the location where license file that was downloaded from market place was kept in your desktop and select the file and click open to input the license file.

It then displays message as below after successful installation of license key.