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Thursday, 16 June 2011

What are the different background job statuses ?

This article answers the following queries :

  • What are the different statuses of a background job and their significance ?
  • How to cancel or terminate a background job ?
  • How to capture an active job ?
  • What could be the reason for  canceled status of a job ?


A background job can have following statuses :

Scheduled :  This means that the steps that are required to make up the  job are already completed but the start condition is not yet specified.

Released : This means that all the steps that are required to make up the job including start condition are defined. A job cannot be released without a start condition. A job can be released only by the administrator or by the user who has proper authorisations.

Ready : This means that the job is ready for execution. It is kept in the wait queue by the job scheduler and is waiting for the next free background workprocess to assign the same.

Active : This means that the job is currently active. In this state, job cannot be deleted or modified.

If the active job is not running correctly, either it can be terminated or it can be canceled in a background workprocess in debugging mode, analyse it and  can be released again.

How to capture a background job ?

Goto SM37 transaction and navigate to Jobs -> Capture active job to capture the job. Once the job is captured , analyse the same and you can release it again.
Please note that you should be in the application server on which the job is running to capture a job. Otherwise, you cannot capture it.

How to terminate a background job ?

Goto SM37 and list all the jobs that are active between some time interval.
Once it listed the active jobs, identify the job that is to be deleted. Then navigate to  Job -> Cancel Active job and cancel the job.

Finished : The execution of the job has completed successfully

Canceled : The job got aborted or canceled. This can happen for 2 reasons.
  • One of the job step is terminated with an error
  • An administrator has deliberately terminated the job due to various reasons like running unusually for a long time


  1. Nice,.. But I have a doubt about cancelling job which is in schedule status, is it possible or not?if yes let we know the process and, What is the possibility to cancel the jobs are in schedule and ready status? Please answer me.

    1. We can cancel a job only when it is in active status. Canceling job in any other status isnt possible.

    2. @ but we can delete a scheduled job

    3. Hi Mohan if the Job is scheduled are released status we can cancelle but canceling job in any other status is not possible

  2. very usefull information for basis people like me.
    thanks soo much

  3. Hi sir,

    I believe, cancelling of job should not be done from SM37. Rather their WP no. should be noted and the WP should be killed from SM50.


  4. Hi Shivanshu.. It can be done in either ways